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Craft Mountain Bakery:  

Sharing our passion for baking with Vancouver's Northshore.

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About Me

Meet Astrid


Craft Mountain Bakery brings German baked goods, breads, buns and delicious treats to the North Shore Neighborhood. Since I was a little girl and growing up in Germany, I have always enjoyed baking with my mum, family and friends.


Baking for birthdays, family events, baptisms, weddings or school events simply made me happy. Seeing the pure joy in my relative's and friend's eyes made me believe that I have made a little difference in this world.


All of my goods are handcrafted, baked and served with a side of love.


Moving to Canada has changed my life but it has never stopped me from following my passion which I would like to share with you. May the story continue on Vancouver's beautiful Northshore. 


Meet me at the Market

Contact me for any baking requests.

No market scheduled at this moment. 


"There is nothing more fullfilling than baking for family, friends and the people in the community I live in." 

--    Products   --


               Dam Mountain

A sourdough based crafted bread using a special mix of various wheat flours and potatoes.



A hearty flourless bread made out of oats and powerful seeds.


From my home city Mainz, Germany to you. These brown Pretzelbuns are an ideal snack on the go or for the lunch box.


Sun Peaks

Light fluffy buns topped with all sorts of seeds, connected together for you to break apart.

                    Black Tusk 

These vegan brownies combine a perfect nutty taste with chocolate. 

Saint Marks

All of your favorite ingredients in one cake: A mix of chocolate, cinnamon, cherries and red wine.


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